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Plastic Packing And Environment

Being a manufacturer of plastic packing that operates on a global scale, they are well aware of the possible opposition from those who are concerned about mother earth. But what you need to know is that they too care about environment and therefore in an effort to not further contribute to global pollution caused by clear plastic box , they ensure that their production unit operates mostly on material that is recyclable. This has dual benefit; they do not contribute to the production of plastic and secondly, this reduces the overall cost price of the product being manufactured, resulting in availability of plastic packing that is cost effective. Using recycled material in production does not in any way mean that they compromise on the quality of the material that they have, they use the best available material, and they have a policy dedicated solely to environment whereby they utilize a blend of material, where the percentage of recycled material is thirty percent, so that quality is also maintained and environment not further degraded. With day by day increasing awareness in the masses regarding plastic and its utility, they have turned to products and materials that are environmentally friendly and in this domain; they have issued APET as well as RPET material.  

Both these materials are known for their strength and when they undergo the production process; they are transformed into a material, which is easy to use while packing both manually or automatically through a machine. So if you are get your products packed by HLP Klearfold, you completely trust them as they do what they say and be confident that your products packing is not a contributor towards environmental pollution in any way. Apart from being a manufacturer of plastic, HLP Klearfold has join hands with some of the most renowned organization that are active towards attaining a cleaner and greener environment in China such as the “Forest Development Company”. Through this joint venture, they own acres of land which are dedicated to the growth of trees. They also provide numerous other organizations with seedlings so that this chain continues. These attempts on their behalf do indicate how serious they are towards stabilization of the ecological balance.  

In addition to their dedication to environment, they are equally dedicated and serious towards their customers. All their energies are vested towards ensuring that customers are satisfied with the quality of their product. To do this, they have a customer service team, that is active twenty-four seven and actively responds to all queries, provides with the quotation and samples to customers within twenty-four hours of contact. They are able to do so as they have the largest possible stock as well as production time that are a few weeks after the customer approves the sample and agrees on the quotation. In short, HLP Klearfold has a legacy that spans over more than five decades and continues to excel as their commitment to what they believe in is unparalled.  For more information, please log on to


Plastic Packing And Environment

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